May 9, 2010

Spring funk

I seem to be prone to them. I have been fighting one these last few days. Perhaps left over from the dissertation days, I don't know. Or perhaps simply the end of a long semester. In the last year, I have taught 10 classes, and as a result, am only slightly annoyed when someone asks me if I am looking for a job or suggests that not teaching this summer suggests I am somehow lazy.

Anyway. Music has been my approach at climbing out of the funk. When particularly frustrated, I have tried to practice the mandolin more. Last night, SOF and I attended a live concert with Adam Granger performing songs all written by John Hadley. Hadley is a songwriter who spends half his time here in Norman and the rest in Nashville. He has written songs for Tim O'Brien, David Olney, and many others. Hadley also sang last night, and it felt like we were witnesses to something rare and cool. It went a long ways toward de-funking.

Speaking of music, I am loving the new New Pornographer album and especially this song. Enjoy.

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Cold In Laramie said...

Was in Fort Collins on Friday - had lunch at Avo's number.