March 7, 2012

Stupid people saying stupid stuff and enacting stupid and racist laws

The Tea Party Republicans have sure made their mark.  Their stupidity is only matched by their outrage and willingness to completely ignore facts or evidence.  Good god!  I thought George Bush was stupid, but he is getting smarter by the day.

Where to start, where to start?  How about Utah? Where their Senate just passed a law banning schools from talking about contraception.  Or homosexuality.  Or "erotic behavior."

Or, in the other wacky state, how about the fact that Florida's racist anti-Sharia law may result in interfering with Jewish divorce proceedings and other --you know, outside religious traditions.

Oh, but there is more.  Even Ron Paul had to note that the Republican criticism of Obama's apology for the Koran burning was over the top.  That didn't stop former half-time governor, (but full-time idiot) Sarah Palin from calling Obama naive and calling the people we are supposed to be helping, you remember, the people of Afhanistan, "savages."  Nothing says Christian like "we don't apologize to lesser beings."  And speaking of vocal Christian idiots, nothing says stupid like Michele Bachmann saying that the contraception order is just steps away from our government limiting family size.

Oh, and contraception, and the Republican obsession with women's sex lives.  As I read today that state legislatures have passed some 430 limits on abortion rights, I am reminded of how little those people seem to care about actual women's health.  Same people cut funding for Planned Parenthood in Texas (we will show them!) but you can't actually just pick and choose the legal services.  So Texas prefers that some 130,000 women go without healthcare.

Impressive. But the best, of course, goes to the Republican response to Sandra Fluke.  And no, I am not talking about Jabba Limbaugh's "slut" comment.  I am talking about all the people who either don't know how birth control works, don't care, or are just too stupid to be on TV (I vote for all three).  Amazing how many of them said that Fluke wanted us, the taxpayers, to pay for her birth control to have sex.  A), she didn't actually talk about sex, but about the non-sexual uses of contraception, and B) it isn't the taxpayers who have to pick up the bill.

Why do people still talk as if healthcare reform in this country is about giving it away for free?  These women under discussion, pay (along with their employer) for the insurance.  That is where that comes from.  Not from Bill O'Reilly's "hard earned" money.

As usual, Jon does it better.

Oh, and Fred, as usual, has a great take on some of the stupidity surrounding contraception.  I especially love the Republican arguing that something is an abortifacent because it is his religious belief that it is.


steves said...

While I certainly have a problem with a bill that targets a specific religious group, I also have a problem with some of the practices mentioned in the article and was somewhat surprised at the reaction of some of the so-called "progressives" on that website.

It is longstanding legal principle that while people are free to be bigots and misogynists, they can't use the civil or criminal court system to enforce this.

I think the fear of Sharia law is way overblown, but I have a major problem with this:

Barkey explains that because only a man can grant his wife a Jewish divorce, rabbinical courts could be seen as violating state and federal equal rotection prcinciples. “Any abritration or ruling based on such a law is, per se, invalid,” said Barkey. Orthodox couples frequently arbitrate divorces in accordance with rabbincal courts and, after agreeing to the terms of their divorce, petition a civil court to make the ruling a binding judgement.

I don't have a problem with groups of consenting adults agreeing to do this on their own, but I don't think that civil courts should be enforcing decisions that are made in a way contrary to basic fundamental freedoms.

Monk-in-Training said...

Nothing says Christian like "we don't apologize to lesser beings."

Now there is something to chew on. Jesus modeled giving up power and might, yet our so called "Christian Nation" that follows Him, doesn't seem to have noticed.

Thx Streak.