May 3, 2012

More on the GOP as the problem

And I know that at least Steve wasn't impressed with this argument, but I certainly find it convincing.  Sully notes some reactions.  One of the key points is that this is not an issue of conservative v. liberal.  I don't think what the Republican party is doing on foreign policy or domestic policy is really conservative.
To give two simple examples: the outrageous use of the filibuster in the Senate and the refusal to give an incoming president in the midst of the worst recession since the 1930s a single vote on a stimulus package that was one third tax cuts.

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steves said...

If you are trying to impress me, you should know I don't really care for Sully. : )

That being said, I did agree that there are problems with the GOP. Despite having voted for them plenty of times in the past, I am not going to any time soon (except maybe at the local or state level).