June 10, 2012

Handy Pro-life guide


Smitty said...

Does "Gay" fit under "enemy of America," or "criminal" on this chart?

leighton said...

I think they are the same thing, except for geography.

Monk-in-Training said...

@ Smitty, it sure does around here :(

The amazing political metamorphosis of American Christianity over the last 40 or less years has been terribly detrimental to people of Faith. No longer do Evangelicals listen to the Bible, but they listen more to Rush or Sean. There is some awareness of this issue within their ranks, which I hope grows.

However, God has for centuries called His people to reach out to the downcast, the dispossessed, and the ones not at the top of society.

In fact there is a very recent translation of what appears to be the oldest Hebrew inscription we have. It is believed to be a tablet for a Scribe in the Royal Palace, to practice copying laws.

I am afraid it's contents would be unrecognizable by most Christians in my region:

“Give rights to slaves and to widows! Give rights to orphans and foreigners! Protect the rights of the poor and protect the rights of minors!”