December 11, 2012

Workers march on the Michigan capitol

Smitty sent me these images from this morning's protest.  Votes matter.  Especially when you vote for Republicans who would rather protect the rich than anything else.  


leighton said...

Thanks for the pics. What a mess.

Smitty said...

12,000 protesters.

The bills passed 58-51.

Governor Snyder signed them this evening.

Smitty said...

For context:

I took the pics out the window of the minority floor leader's office, facing East out the "front" of the Capitol. The building on the left as you look at the first picture is City Hall (green and black) and my office building (red brick). The building to the right, red brick and tan mason, is (among other offices) the Governor's actual office. The Capitol itself holds only house/senate leadership offices and the Governor's ceremonial office (bill signings, high-level meetings with legislators during session, etc.).

Protesters filled the entire lawn, and all the way down to where you see those giant red christmas ball ornament things, dead center, a block away. HUGH crowd.

The giant white tent held, for all of an hour, 6 Americans for Prosperity folks for their "counter-protest." They left. The tent shortly thereafter...collapsed. Mysteriously.

steves said...

My wife took our daughter there on Tuesday and they were in the rotunda. She snapped a few pictures.