November 12, 2013

How Franklin Graham is truly an awful person

Perhaps he gives to the poor.  Perhaps his ministry actually helps people.  I don't know.  But I know that what he has done to his father is an awful thing.  Look at this link and the picture within and you will understand.  My Christian conservative friends seem to not get how their lack of discernment with regard to people like Sarah Palin speaks volumes about their tribal conservatism being more important to them than their faith.

Worth 1,000 words: The awful state of American evangelical Christianity after Billy Graham


Tony said...

I like Fred's conclusion; "Jesus isn't in the picture." Unfortunately he's right. Right wingers have so conflated politics with religion (and not Christianity) that their is NO line of demarcation at all. It makes me sad for Billy Graham's legacy. Honestly, I have issues with his method of evangelism and always have, but I certainly don't think Billy believed his life would end as a shallow caricature of all that is wrong with contemporary American evangelicalism.

leighton said...

"I am sending you out like wolves among sheep. Therefore be as innocent as snakes and as shrewd as doves." --Not Matthew 10:16