December 12, 2013

Gun Culture

And yes, illegal. But this is what you get when you encourage everyone to arm themselves.  You get irresponsible people with guns, and you have a gun industry that wants no filter or self-assessment of that culture.

No charges after man pulls gun on ‘b*tch’ with disabled kid over Walmart parking delay | The Raw Story


steves said...

I find it somewhat disturbing that your outrage is directed at 2 entities that had absolutely nothing to do with the incident. I guess when I read that, I am mad that someone would do something like that, but I am even more angry that the idiot cops and the idiot prosecutor would decline to prosecute someone because they didn't have it on video. They apparently had him confessing that he pulled his gun. Something doesn't seem to add up.

Streak said...

Somehow you think that the gun culture doesn't encourage this. I find that puzzling. I understand you do not support irresponsible gun usage and work hard to teach people how to care for guns properly. But for some reason you can't see that the LaPierre approach to guns encourages irresponsible and stupid people to have them.

Or maybe you still don't get what I mean by gun culture. I don't know.

steves said...

I do understand, but shirt of some kind of massive batt of psychological tests to screen out nut cases, I don't believe there is any way to prevent this from happening. I don't think the gun culture discourages prosecution for these kinds of things or supports these kinds of criminal behaviors in any meaningful way.

Streak said...

Yeah, and that isn't my point and never has been. I understand that it is logistically difficult, if not impossible, to screen out irresponsible people. But what gun culture from the political side does, is it tells people that they need guns to protect themselves. They don't say, "hey, not everyone should own a gun, and if you are not suited for it, you need to find another way to secure your house." Nope. They talk about arming teachers, and talk about guns as the answer to every crime situation. That is gun culture. After all that crap, you cannot be surprised that idiots internalize it.