March 28, 2014

Billy Graham's sad legacy

I watched yesterday as World Vision back-pedaled from their statement that they would no longer categorize marriage as just hetero.  As Fred Clark from slactivist noted, it isn't as if they haven't had gay people working for them.  And I don't even think they were one of the organizations that required people to say they weren't gay (lie).  But they made a move, and the response was overwhelming.

I kind of understand the hard core evangelical response to homosexuality.  At least at one level.  But what I don't get is that evangelicals lined up to stop supporting poor children through World Vision because of this statement.  A statement that had nothing to do with the mission of helping the poor, and nothing at all to do with why those supposed evangelical Christians were sponsoring those people.  But crossing that Rubicon is simply not acceptable in the evangelical tribe right now.  It will change, mind you, but for now, it is a step too far.

But what I can't forgive is that evangelicals would bully World Vision into backing down.  But they won't even speak about cuts in food stamps.  They refused to speak about torture. They cheered war.  They avoid and ignore the healthcare of poor women.  They stand by while Republicans actually cheer people not getting healthcare and openly encourage people not to sign up.  But by God they will stand up when someone says that gay people are ok.


And the best example of this is the bigoted and awful Franklin Graham.  I have never been that big of a fan of his father, but Billy at least learned from his political missteps.  To a degree, anyway.  He still consorted with the anti-semitic Nixon, but he kept those ideas private, and he apologized when they were made public.

His hateful son is completely different.  Fred says it best in this post: Franklin Graham’s hateful lies and opportunism winning Huzzahs from white evangelicals, but it is worth reading and worth watching a bigot in action.  And a bigot who claims to be attacked for his faith.  I have news for you, Mr. Graham.  You are under attack from the left and gay groups because you say things such as that gay couples don't adopt children because they want to love them and care for them--they "recruit children" into their "cause."

Hateful.  UnChristian.  Unloving.  And everytime he does this, he gets cheered by the evangelicals who observe.  And none of them know why they are losing.


Noah Smith said...

And a bigot who claims to be attacked for his faith

I just love it to pieces when people in the majority act like they are the put-upon, attacked ones when their privilege is placed under scrutiny.

But notice: it's not the vast majority of Christians bitching about being attacked. Presbyterians? Lutherans? Sure, there are some under those sub-faiths that might bitch, but you don't hear things like "First Presbyterian Church of Soccerville attacks state's gay marriage law." It's the minority of the majority that feels attacked, and really, kids, they are under attack....

....because their interpretation of made-up rules encourages all of the shit that was supposed to have been undone in the New Testament. They are attacked for their in-group-only behavior. They are attacked for subjugating, hating, and attacking out-groups. They are attacked for encouraging the same violent, aggressive behavior that the Son of God was apparently sent here to stop doing.

All that to say: yeah, Graham is under attack for his beliefs, but because his beliefs are out of sync with his own broad religious philosophy, let alone being out of sync with where we are as a species.

By all accounts, though, religious affiliation is trending down. Perhaps, in a generation, we'll not have to suffer Graham's slings and arrows.

Hey Streak! Been a while...

Streak said...

Hey, Smitty! Yeah, I agree. There is a sense that the fight is so strong because the far right knows they are losing on so many of these fronts.