May 24, 2016

If Modern Conservatives chop a society to bits, does it make a sound?

I ask, because we are seeing evidence from multiple states that the modern Republican party is intent on destroying the basic fabric of society.  In Alabama, Louisiana, Kansas, Wisconsin and Oklahoma, Republicans have cut taxes, gutted funding for education and healthcare, and have consistently asked the people with the least to sacrifice the most.

In all of those states, the economy is struggling, and they lag behind national averages.  Today, Oklahoma released their budget where they kept massive cuts to the education in place, and absolutely gutted programs for the poor.  A friend put it this way when asked who was carrying the weight of the budget failure:
Families of children with Developmental Disabilities that receive services via the In Home Support Waiver, individuals with DD who attend Day Programs (25% cut will effectively put them out of business), Anyone who receives homecare and assistance via the Advantage program, families and children receiving services via the Autism Contract. Anyone who works or gets assistance via one of the many county DHS offices that will now be slated for closure. Any of the 200-700 DHS employees who will be eliminated.
None of these families can afford this.

But here is the problem.  I have seen little evidence that the same people who deny climate change and evolution will even acknowledge the crisis or their role in it.  Most of them, from what I have read, blame Obama for the economic woes, even as they pass legislation aimed at transgendered people using bathrooms.

There is such a huge disconnect between Republicans and reality that I am not sure any of them will even put this together.  My Republican friends seem either oblivious or in denial about what their vote means to the the poorest of the poor.  


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