July 3, 2009

Evangelical paradoxes

I saw this on natalie's narrative, but for some reason, was unable to post my comment. (I assume user error on my part). But she points to the paradox between the evangelical approach to redemption v. the conservative one.

I also thought that this seems like a really interesting comparison for Sanford to make. Invoking humility, while then comparing himself to a Biblical patriarch is a pretty neat trick.

I think, btw, that Sanford is, at some level, self-destructing his political career on purpose. But he may not be aware of that, and so can't stop using the conservative evangelical speak that got him this far.

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steves said...

The whole King David thing really rubbed me the wrong way. It seems to be very arrogant, as David need only answer to God and Sanford to the voters. Not that he asked me, but he should have resigned to get his life and marriage back in order.