October 7, 2010

Hmm, Christians can't do yoga?

Not surprisingly, Southern Baptist Al Mohler doesn't think Christians should do yoga. wow. Shocking from the denomination that was historically more concerned with stopping dancing than stopping segregation.

I am tired, and tired even more from blogging with my one useful hand, but I have just had it with the Christian right. They support torture, prefer the polluters over concerns about climate change, and cheer on the worst racists in the republican party. And ten bucks says they have no real objection to the demagoguery of people like Beck, and will have nothing to say about a scumbag like him mocking a family who lost everything in a fire because they didn't pay a 75 dollar fee.

But they will take a stand on yoga?



Bob said...

"Mohler said he objects to 'the idea that the body is a vehicle for reaching consciousness with the divine.'"

I am thinking his wife is really disappointed with his performance in the sack.

Smitty said...


HA!! Awesome. Though, I might go the other way. Totally an S & M maniac. He likes to get his balls stepped-on by spike heels. He's into humiliation, as well.

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