October 28, 2010

Round 2

Took Streak in this morning for another round of chemo. I just did a review of the last time, and it was over Labor Day weekend that he finally pulled out from the last round. We are so grateful for this last 2 months. They have been magical and at times, he has seemed like his old self.

But it was time to do another round. This time, given Streak's age, we decided to do a half dose of the IV and some of the other drugs. And we are really going to watch his fluid intake and his stomach, because that seemed to be the problem last time.

I was doing fine this morning until I arrived at the clinic. While they gave him the IV, I went across the street to get some coffee and burst into tears in the parking lot. I keep thinking this will get easier--that the bonus time will some how make it not so hard.

Anyway. He is here today, and doing well. We will take that.


ANewAnglican@gmail.com said...

Tears are a good thing. Hang in there.

Monk-in-Training said...

Streak, there is a verse in Psalms that speaks to this moment (Psalms 56:8).

In ancient times, many people believed that if a person were dying and all other medicines had failed, they would try putting collected tears into the dying person's mouth in the hope of saving them. They collected these tears in a bottle for this purpose. It is a custom born of desperation, grief, and hopelessness.

I don't know what David meant by a bottle that God puts our tears in, I don't really care.

What I do care about is that some how, some way, our cries, your tears in that parking lot, reach the Throne, and mean enough to God for Him to always remember our sorrows.

I remain in prayer for your family.

Br. James Patrick