November 12, 2010

A couple things that annoy me this morning

Actually, there are several, but I can't post about some. But last night, I was thinking about our gubernatorial race this last month where Republican Mary Fallin said that she was a superior candidate because she had born children. Left unsaid, of course, was the fact that her opponent, Jeri Askins, had not. Fallin's statement annoyed for several reasons; her assumption that motherhood was related, and that her motherhood stretched over two marriages yet she was able to invoke the family values Republican bullshit, or that it was code for spreading a rumor that Askins is gay.

Thinking about that last one, I realized how angry that made me at conservatives and conservative Christians for their bullshit about homosexuality. I don't know that Askins is gay or not gay--it matters not to me. But if she were, she actually fits the model of what conservative Christians say about homosexuality. After all, and again, we know nothing about her sexuality beyond the fact that she has never married, but if she were gay, she has not openly acted on it, and has, in fact, kept it under wraps.

The fact that the rumor plays is proof that when so many conservative Christians say that they "hate the sin, but love the sinner" is clearly bullshit. The rumor would not work if that were the case. When most conservatives say that they don't want homosexuals to act on it, they are lying. They don't want people who have homosexual feelings to exist. No matter if they act on it or not. They are repulsed by them, period. Perhaps because of their own sexual inadequacy, I don't know. But this is why conservative evangelicals and conservative Christians have very little credibility when they say they aren't opposed to gay people, but they just don't want them to marry, or they just don't want them to adopt. They don't want them to be, and they will never look at a person who has those feelings as normal, regardless of what they do. Bullshit.


Speaking of bullshit, our former president has supposedly "written" a book. I had always thought you needed to read at least one book before writing one, but who am I to say? But W is on his "book tour" and starting the process of trying to rehabilitate his presidency with claims like the good one that he was actually a dissenting voice on the Iraq war.


But one that caught my eye was his revelation that Cheney was very angry with him for not pardoning Scooter Libby:
"Bush recounts that a furious Cheney told him: 'I can't believe you're going to leave a soldier on the battlefield.'"
Just a point here. When Cheney talks about a battlefield and a soldier, he is talking about a war against liberals, not Al Qaeda. Cheney, himself, had no problem throwing Valerie Plame to the wolves even though she worked on fucking WMDs for US. His battlefield has nothing to do with terrorism, and everything to do with his arrogant sense that American belongs to warmongering asshats like Cheney and Wolfowitz, and that his real enemies are liberals.

Bush reports that he was concerned that the Libby issue would scar his friendship with Cheney, but says that they are good friends now.



steves said...

I woould certainly point out children if I were a candidate, as it could show some postives, but to suggest that it makes you a better choice is ridiculous. I don't see how it is relevant to the job of governor in any significant way and it also seems potentially mean to point out someone's lack of children. While it may be due to choice, there could also be issues with infertiliy or some other medical problems.

Anonymous said...

The Left considers acceptance of homosexuality as one of their doctrines. They will defend homosexuals at all costs.

It is also apparent that the Left is embracing Islam. The Left has already decided the Oklahoma anti-Sharia law is unconstitutional. They will prefer Sharia law to all others, if forced to make a choice.

Streak said...

Gary, you missed the point on the gay issue. And your Sharia sentences are, perhaps, the dumbest fucking utterances I have read on my blog. And that is saying something. Seriously. We have had some very stupid people comment here. But this is the dumbest.

So you are number one. Way to go.

Streak said...

Steve, as someone without children, I find the entire discussion frustrating. As if choice has anything to do with it in this context, btw.

And this was, as I say, really a coded suggestion. Fallin not only is on her second marriage, but there are allegations that she cheated on her first one. But family values only goes one way. Obama's family is not valued by the right, but Palin's is. And I have heard as much from my christian conservative friends. The only thing that gets conservatives in trouble on family values is, as our idiot commenter noted, if they are gay.

Monk-in-Training said...

"hate the sin, but love the sinner" is a quote from Ghandi. Jesus simply said love the sinner.

Streak said...

Interesting, Monk. I knew it wasn't from the Bible, but didn't know it was Ghandi. What was the reference?

Monk-in-Training said...

It is said to come from his 1929 autobiography. There is nothing like it in the Bible, Jesus was clear on loving those considered sinners by the religious establishment.

Streak said...

Yeah, I wonder what sin Ghandi was referencing?

But this is a fascinating point. I am going to have to share this with a few people. I am always a bit amazed at some of my Christian friends and what seems like a lot of hidden asterisks in their Bible. Not saying mine is free of personal bias, but I am just not quite sure how "love your enemy" became "unless they are Muslim or liberal or gay."