May 24, 2011

Tornado relief, and why Eric Cantor sucks

Here in Central Oklahoma, we just spent 4 harrowing hours dodging tornadoes and stressing about what happened in Joplin. But also a stress point was wondering if we were devastated by a huge storm, would the government help us?

We are fine, btw, but after the storm passed, I wrote Congressman Eric Cantor to point out that using the people of Joplin as a bargaining chip for some political agenda was a shitty way to do business. No, I didn't say "shitty" in the email, but the meaning was clear.

I told the congressman that I honestly hope this doesn't happen to his community, but if it did, we would be there to help out. Too bad, I noted, we couldn't say the same about him.


Anonymous said...

well, Oklahoma, you're a red state that has always voted red. what did you expect from the party of ineffective, indifferent government? seems when you're the one needing the help, government can't be socialist enough.

Nahtaf said...

Eric does suck! He's sucking on his upper lip while listening to our president. How do they let guys like him get that close to the president. This is unAmerican! Cantor can't love, can't lead, and is shorter than Napoleon. Can't he get a job in the private sector.