October 26, 2011

Tea Partiers carrying guns--perfectly fine. OWS protesting banks? Tear gas time.

Saw that OWS protesters have been arrested in huge numbers. Have seen reports of disabled people, children and veterans attacked by cops.

Perhaps some of them were being disrespectful, I don't know. I know that Naomi Wolf says she was arrested for walking on a public sidewalk. And I know that the Tea Party used to shout epithets at congressmen and people in wheelchairs wanting healthcare. I know they openly carried weapons and waved signs threatening violence against the state. And I don't recall one instance of Tea Party rallies experiencing rubber bullets or tear gas. What is more, Fox News promoted these events, and sent their personalities to appear a them. NPR just fired someone for attending an OWS event.

Don't tell me the left and right are the same in this country. Just don't.


Natalie said...

Very good points. The difference in treatment is astounding. The time it took to even GET news coverage alerted me that the TP-er's have received better treatment. Glad to see you posting again, by the way.

Bob said...

I think the left needs to carry guns. I am not really joking.

steves said...

There have been several reports of Occupy protesters carrying guns. In one instance, it was a (gasp) AK47. I only heard part of the report on NPR, so I don't recall where it was or if there was an arrest. I would like to point out that carrying a gun, even at a protest, is not illegal in most places, so it should be perfectly fine.

I agree that the left should carry guns. Up until the late 60's and early 70's, progressive types didn't really have a problem with guns.

Natalie said...

Doesn't suggesting that the Left carry guns ignore the effectiveness of the nonviolent civil rights movement?

Also (and this is how I understood the point of the post) it seems there is a hypocrisy in terms of the discourse each side uses, versus who literally carries guns. The Right boasts about favoring gun rights, beefing up the military, supporting war, etc. But the Right-leaning Tea Partiers didn't have the police response to their protests that we see with the Left-leaning occupiers.

In the end, the difference may simply be that there are a LOT more OWS than TP-er's!

Streak said...

Yeah, I am with Natalie on this. Guns are not really the issue. The issue is the disparate coverage and response to the gatherings.

Personally, I don't have a problem with guns. I simply don't see their application at a fucking PUBLIC event.

steves said...

I don't either. I was just pointing out that it was legal. I haven't been following the Occupy rallies all that closely, but is it possible that the police response is because of them staying overnight and refusing to leave. The TP'ers seemed to be more short term.

Bob said...

"Doesn't suggesting that the Left carry guns ignore the effectiveness of the nonviolent civil rights movement?"

Maybe. It just seems to make a good deterrent to cop on protestor violence.

The thing is, it isn't very effective to get arrested, shot or maced over the occupation of a public park in anywhereville USA. If they want to get arrested and exercise civil disobedience, then occupy the NY Stock exchange, Congress or some other offender’s space.

While anyone with a brain knows what these groups are fighting for and against, I also think it is time to settle into a few goals.