November 13, 2011

Hmm. God must like torture

After all, he told Cain, Bachmann and Perry to run for President and all three of them defend the use of torture.

This guy connects all of this with the Penn State tragedy and blames it on a generational loss of leadership. There is something there. I know that something happened in the conservative church, and possibly in more than just the conservative ones. When the most vocal Christians in the race are the most vocal for torture? Up is down.


Smitty said...

I like the "gt outta my way" attitude from the author of that WaPo piece. I wish there were more like him out there.

It seems like wherever I turn, though, it's the cheering section for the wild game of Lunatic Ball being played on the national stage. Example: I have my twins with me today at a local children's museum. I am wearing my Grand Valley State University hoodie; I am a proud(ish) GVSU alum. A guy stops me and says "hey! Grand Valley! I went there! You there now?" I answer, not at all warily given his initial jovial reaction, that I graduated more than a decade ago. His answer? "Huh. It was even more liberal then than it is now!" I was paying attention to my boys, who were painting for Mrs. Smitty and I using toy car wheels, so I was loathe to engage, but MAN. LIBERAL IN WHAT WAY??? THAT THEY TEACH STUFF WITH "FACTS" BEHIND IT?? THAT GVSU'S BUSINESS SCHOOL ACTUALLY PREPARES PEOPLE TO RUN BUSINESSES RATHER THAN WINGE ABOUT THE PHILOSOPHY OF ECONOMIC POLICY??

Anway. You were saying?

Bob said...

I had to repost a link to that essay over at ATK. I have been thinking for a long time what an lousy group the baby boomers are.

What a bunch fo self-centered pricks.

Smitty said...

lousy group the baby boomers are

My only real problem with the article is that it's a bit...broad. There are gobs of Boomers who do their share. Who don't mind taxes. Who give charitably. Who don't demand tax cuts. But we see WAY more of that demand from that generation than the one preceeding it.