November 30, 2011

If conservative Christians rally around Gingrich

They owe me, and every other Clinton supporter, a public apology. They need to confess openly that their "family values" hand-wringing was pure bullshit. They might further note that their "conservative" values outweigh their "Christian" values as they only care about "family values" about liberals.

Seriously. I can't quite remember all of the bs I heard from my conservative Christian friends, but it was a lot of "what will the children think" and "if he lies to his wife, how can we trust him?"

Of course, those same people didn't blink a goddamned eye when their "family values-evangelical" President drowned people. Nope. (Gingrich openly endorses waterboarding, btw).

If you think that Bill Clinton was morally incapable of being President for cheating on Hilary, then you can't possibly think that the serial-adulterer Gingrich should be able to visit the White House, much less run it. Not only did he cheat on his wives (that is plural) but he asked one of them to just look the other way while he cheated--and did that after returning from a public speech where he discussed the great moral decline in our nation.

If you think Bill was "Slick Willy," and you hated him, then you have no business even thinking of voting for this moral blight that is Newt Gingrich. Personally, I don't really care. I don't like him, and I certainly don't respect his mistreatment of women, but I am more disturbed by his racist and callous flogging of things like the Sharia law bullshit in order to get elected.

And less you think I am jumping to conclusions, as Fred notes in this angry post, Richard Land is already advising Gingrich on how to fool evangelicals into voting for him.


Natalie said...

I read Slacktivist's and Greg Horton's post and feel all sorts of rage now. I just can't with these people anymore.

And combined with Cain's mess, the misogyny during this election has been astounding. I just read in a Christianity Today blog post that born-again Christians' support for Cain increased after the harassment allegations surfaced.

Again, I just can't with these people. This is only the 3rd presidential election I've ever paid attention to. What am I going to be by the 7th or 8th??? This is bad for my health! :)

Streak said...

Yeah, this is really amazing stuff. I think the victimization of the religious conservatives is off the chart right now. That is the only possible explanation for why their support for Cain would go up after harassment allegations.

But I feel your pain. For me, it was torture that put me over the edge. This is unfortunately just more of the same for me.

steves said...

I think Fred is correct. Gingrich will have to fool Evangelicals into voting for him. While some will give him a pass if he uses all the right phrases, many probably don't know about his past transgressions.

I get the feeling Cain's supporters just didn't believe the allegations at first. There are plenty of instances of people being falsely accused. Eventually, it became too hard to ignore and I think it is safe to say that he is done.

I can have memories of elections going back to Ford and Carter. One result of having only two viable parties is that we really don't have much of a choice. People that strongly identify with one of the parties aren't going switch sides just because "their guy" is flawed. A die hard Republican is going to vote for Gingrich if he is the nominee and will ignore his shitty past.

I think Obama's record on civil liberties is abysmal, but many civil libertarians are willing to overlook that because the alternative may be worse.

Monk-in-Training said...

I dunno Steves. Perhaps for a hard core person, but then I was once one of those. Newt's disgusting actions with his wives (yes it is plural) is one of the reasons I wandered off the farm. I just couldn't swallow all the koolaid any more.

He is morally messed up in ways that are beyond the possibility of voting for.

As to Streak's point the victimization of the religious conservatives is off the chart right now. It really is getting disgusting.

If you disagree with the POLITICS of one of these persons, they (sometimes literally) scream you are persecuting them! Please!

Even the Vatican is fueling the fires of this viewpoint. Check this out:
Vatican Cardinal Burke: 'We're Well on the Way' to Christian Persecution in the U.S.

That never mentions pacifist Christians forced to support a bloody war machine, or unjust taxation, or lack of health care etc etc. All it talks about are points that Christ Himself never mentioned.