December 1, 2011

GOP's anti-government rhetoric has consequences

The right wing's vitriol against the government is not new, and probably goes back to the Whiskey rebellion, but the way that the GOP and Fox News/talk radio have decided to profit from this hatred is new. And destructive. And we see that repeatedly, but the GOP still traffics in bashing government and demeaning government workers. Hard for them to be surprised at every turn when people take that rhetoric to its logical conclusion and decide to kill someone.

Mugshots Of The Senior Citizen Militia Members Charged In Attack Plot | TPMMuckraker

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Anonymous said...

The payments as to the $ 3 trillion or so,(per year) are made through Government agencies, the Government agency is the mere conduit, the tool of Congress(in the dole outs)
Yet, some lowly government worker in some agency is the whipping boy as a diversion.
Congress sets the amount of appropriations, the spending that is set in place.
The people(AMERICAN VOTERS) must decide, is it spending , as usual, and red ink as usual, and no generational responsibility as usual, and wether to vote the BUMS out, who can't make CON-Gress work in a functional way.
But, people demand stuff, checks, so much so that this issue is very complex.
All those wars to kill people in foreign lands, was it prudent - the bast money wasted.
ALL those Army bases in 150 countries is that wise, a waste of money ?...
IS the MILITARY-MEDICIAL Industrial complex going to ruin America bring it to collapse. ?
Yes, issues have choices, and consequences depending on what is done.
We are at that point; CRISIS