August 22, 2012

Romney uses same racist dogwhistle. Southern strategy returns.

Which means that he may not be actually racist himself, but more than willing to appeal to racism to win.  Despite Fact Checks, Romney Escalates Welfare Work Requirement Charge : It's All Politics : NPR.  Everyone who knows anything about welfare reform has said that Obama is not removing the work requirement.

It is a lie, and Mitt has to know it is.  After all, compared to some of the dim bulbs the GOP has elevated lately, Romney isn't an idiot.

But he doesn't care.  Because this ploy paints Obama as a welfare queen.  "How in the world could he not understand the power of work, the dignity of work?" Romney said the other day.

Right, because Barack Obama isn't a hard worker, right?  Because he is black.

This is fucking racist bullshit, and the people who are pushing this in Romney's campaign, including Mitt himself, are fucking racist assholes for saying something they know to be untrue.

This is your GOP, conservatives.  Don't you ever, EVER, suggest to me again that Republicans are moral.

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Smitty said...

This is exactly right, Streak. That's what's so odious abut this welfare work requirement lie. It's not just that it's a blatant lie, easily disproved by 1 single Google search or just by listening to the news. It's that it's a lie based in the racist perception of lazy blacks and the spectre of Ronald Reagan's "welfare queen" myth. 'The lazy blacks' black president wants to give them the free money they believe they're entitled to because they're black.'

It's like I said in the comments section of your recent rape victim post: I wish I was surprised, but I'm not. I'm just depressed. It's 20-fucking-12 and here we are, assuming people on welfare use it to buy Rolex watches and Cadillac Escalades.

Please, giant interstellar meteor...don't miss this time. There's a species here in dire need of extinction.