March 31, 2013

Law Enforcement Officials Gunned Down In Possible White Supremacist Plot | ThinkProgress

We never refer to this as terrorism.  And we will do nothing to make it harder for these groups to arm themselves.

Law Enforcement Officials Gunned Down In Possible White Supremacist Plot | ThinkProgress


steves said...

Without even trying that hard, I can think of 2 dozen laws that they broke, both state and federal. Sure, we should probably tighten up some of the gun laws. The Aryan Brotherhood are usually pretty law abiding. I am sure a universal background check would have stopped them.

Sorry, but that article is a perfect example of lazy journalism or at least a failure to ask the right questions. This is too bad, as Think Progress is a fairly decent website. Criminals don't buy guns a gunshows. There is survey data that shows this. In addition, they do background checks at gunshows!


Streak said...

"The Aryan Brotherhood are usually pretty law abiding."

Seriously? White Supremacists?

I read this quickly, but thought that they pointed out that the criminals used a straw purchaser. At a regular gun shop. Where gun dealers often are antagonistic to federal laws (hint, that is gun culture) and are willing to look the other way to allow some "patriot" arm themselves to fight Obama's army.

steves said...

Sorry, I was being sarcastic. I need a "sarcasm" font.

I have an 01 federal firearms license, which is what the vast majority of dealers have. I do not operate a storefront, but I am familiar with BATFE and industry practices. I don't get the sense that most FFLs are hostile to the Feds. While there are a handful that are doing illegal sales, I can say with absolute certainty, they will get caught.

BATFE doesn't screw around. They audit you at least once a year (more if you have even a minor issue). During these audits, you have to account for every single transfer and sale. This includes the required background check. If things don't add up, then they will suspend you license and investigate you. This can take months.

steves said...

In addition, a dealer that sells multiple firearms to a person in a 5 day period is required to submit special forms to the BATFE. Criminals, like the AB, get their guns from theft and from black market sales. They are already breaking numerous laws.

As for the AB, outside of their own circle, most people do refer to them as domestic terrorists or just criminals.

Bob said...

I think I have missed out on a lot of fun at Streak's place in the last few weeks.