April 28, 2014

Gun culture. I have a gun and you can't stop me.

Man Legally Stalks Children's Baseball Game: 'I've Got A Gun & There's Nothing You Can Do About It'


steves said...

Stalking is criminal, so there really isn't any such thing as "legal stalking". What he did was stupid, rude, and a perfect example of the notion that just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should do it.

Streak said...

No argument there. But that is really the point. The gun culture is encouraging people to do this kind of thing. Again, not you. But this is a logical extension of the tribal politics of the NRA.

steves said...

There are some in the open carry movement (OC) that may encourage this type of thing, but I can honestly say if a person went on an OC forum or stood up at an OC event and suggested they were going to do what this guy did, he would not receive much support. Most people that OC, seem to just do it and want to be left alone, though there are a vocal minority that like to get people riled up (you can find them on Youtube).

For what it is worth, the NRA is mostly anti-OC. They have refused to participate in any OC events and have banned people from OC'ing at their conventions.