October 28, 2014

Good man with a gun becomes bad man with a gun

Report: 'Buzzed' Man Allegedly Killed Boy In Game Of 'Gun Tag'

This is how this works.  Up till this man killed a three year old with his gun, he was most likely a good man with a gun.   What is a good man with a gun?  Just a legal gun owner, and the gun rights people want there to be more and more of those.  Because freedom.  And because more guns is always better.

Gun culture demands it.  The NRA tells you to be very afraid--that criminals will break in, and the police won't respond, or that the UN and that evil Barack Hussein Obama will take your guns away.  Or that ISIS will come across the border and you will need that nine mil.

Gun culture doesn't filter our irresponsibility, or history of drunkenness, or youth or anger issues.  Nope.  More guns make us safer, they say.  Good people with gun will stop the bad people with guns.  And anyone who questions that becomes a bad person--presumably without a gun, though that is irrelevant.  The Gun Tribe doesn't like anyone who questions access to guns, and those people are bad.

So when a good man with a gun kills someone, the gun culture just says, "they will go to jail for using their gun wrong."   (unless they are a cop, of course, and kill a young black teen).  But you never know who the bad people are until they shoot someone they aren't supposed to.  And any effort at restricting those people, or even discouraging young and stupid people from getting guns is a violation of freedom, and makes you a bad person.


steves said...

That guy was an idiot. They already have laws against shooting kids and possessing a firearm while intoxicated. What other law do you think needs to be in place?

Streak said...

Since you don't understand my point, and have never really tried to understand my point, explaining it again would be pointless.

steves said...

Let me guess, you are going to take the all or nothing approach. The NRA, in promoting responsible gun ownership, is also promoting that idiots also have guns and isn't doing enough to stop them. The problem with this is that I have yet to see some piece of legislation or policy that would help.

Streak said...

Like I said, you don't understand my point, and have never seriously tried to understand my point. On guns, I don't take you as an intellectually honest person. And that is sad, because I think you are a very decent person on most subjects. But here, you don't have any intent of listening to the other side--yet I am the "all or nothing" person. Nice irony.