October 27, 2014

Just guessing, but this political message about guns will not upset gun right's advocates

NRA's Election Message: "Vote Your Guns" Because ISIS Might Be Outside Your House | Blog | Media Matters for America

Even more dishonest than the woman blogger.  Even more destructive.  Even more paranoid and crazy.

Yet, the supposedly adult and sober and reasonable gun owners will just look the other way.


steves said...

Nope. Wayne is just echoing Carl Levin, who said that, "the Islamic State threatens to terrorize countries neighboring Iraq and Syria and even the U.S., if left unchecked."

How is this substantially different than what a variety of politicians are telling us about how we need to do something about ISIS and their threat to the US?

Streak said...

wow. Just wow.

Yeah, anyone who defends guns gets to say whatever they want, and Steve will defend them. They can urge people to distrust their government, even to distrust the police. They can fill them with fear, and good old Steve will defend them.

Seriously. You used to have credibility, and on anything other than guns, you do. But good god, I do believe you would badmouth a rape victim if they said anything critical about gun rights.

steves said...

No, I am just pointing out that there are a wide variety of people that are using ISIS to make a point or promote some kind of agenda. In the case of the NRA, it is to promote gun rights/ownership. In the case of Levin, it is to promote intervention. If you listen to his entire comment, he specifically says that ISIS represents a potential threat to the US, not US interests.

Pot, meet kettle.

steves said...

I believe you would badmouth a rape victim that shoots her attacker. You would probably refer to her as some kind of gun nut, NRA whack job.

Streak said...

Hmm, Steve resorts to "so are you," as his rebuttal. Impressive.

Streak said...

If you seriously think that LaPierre's point is the same as Levin, then you are beyond deluded. But then again, just listen to the body of LaPierre's work--delusional. Last year, I received one of their robo calls about the UN coming with Obama to take my guns away. He has numerous times urged people to hate this president, and to distrust this government--and to get guns to prepare to fight this government.

Yeah, reasonable. Perhaps my belief that you were reasonable was simply false. I didn't realize you were turning into a prepper.