December 31, 2008

I guess NY Eve is a busy news day

Who knew?

But I just saw a couple more stories that just begged to be blogged and mocked. Or some of them deserve mocking, like this from Rick Warren who says that the attacks on him are what he calls "Christophobia--people who are afraid of any Christian."

Really? Because I am a Christian and I think Warren is a moron on so many issues. What is it with some Christians that they assume that dislike of their stances equals persecution or attacks on all of Christianity? Isn't that a textbook case of arrogance?

Rick, if you read this blog, know that I am calling you a moron, not all of Christianity. Are we good now?


Speaking of morons, feministing has noted that Dennis Prager seems to think that marital rape doesn't exist.



Heh. Though this was in the last post buried in the story about Bush and Katrina, I have to chuckle at Lawrence Wilkerson's depiction of the Bush Presidency as a "Sarah Palin-like Presidency." The blogosphere is having a lot of fun with the followup question: who is this more insulting to? :)


After the Tomasky list of worst Americans, here is a nice list of progressive intellectuals that make some of us hopeful. My favorites are Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes.


Bootleg Blogger said...

Streak- Our sunday school class (we've decided I have to go until the kids are out of high school- then I'm allowed to fish:-)) recently had a sunday school dvd series on Warren's "the Purpose of Christmas". BTW, this wasn't a group decision. Anyway, one of the main things I noticed in the session I showed up for was that Warren was very quick to use language like "what God is telling you is ...." If he believes he knows exactly what God is saying (not "I think" or "what this MAY mean") it's not a big jump to see criticism of himself as criticism of christianity or even god. I WOULD say something like "Sounds like a good person to have on the inaugural podium" but I've promised to shut up on that topic:-)

Regarding Prager- Thanks for my first "I just threw up in the back of my mouth" moment of 2009!


Raoul said...


Why would you want to be a Christian when people like Warren, James Dobson, Jerry Falwell, Chuck Colson, and other right-wing dickweeds are Christians? Doesn't their involvement in that religion mean it's a load of crap?

Not to mention the Bible, with a "Jesus" who claims that Hell is a real place and that "salvation" is to be found by faith in him? Obviously, Jesus didn't know about evolution. If he had, he wouldn't have said most of what he said.

Streak said...

Raoul, the short answer is that I don't consider Warren or Dobson definitive representatives of the faith. There are a lot of very smart, ethical, and thoughtful people who are Christians who more than counter the wingnuttery of Dobson and Colson.