December 4, 2008

Shorter George Bush: 'My regret is that other people failed me'

As Jon Stewart refers to the Still President Bush, the man is the gift that keeps on giving. There are many things about this interview that will make you sad, but one of the clear failings of this man is not a new one. We have known since his early days in the White House ("joyful" days, according to the man) that he is incapable of admitting error.

This is a character issue, and certainly not the only one I take issue with this man, but this is a big one. Good people are able to admit their weaknesses and their errors. This isn't complicated. This is as basic as what you all learned before Kindergarten. We all learned this lesson.

Except Bush. And most amazingly, many of those people who learned it about themselves, somehow, someway gave Bush a "get out jail free" card on this failing. People who would never tolerate such arrogance in their spouse, or their colleagues, or church mates--somehow just looked the other way or even applauded as this man refused to even acknowledge error. For some reason, they turned this into a virtue.

It is not. It is arrogance.

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Streak said...

Yglesias has a much better post on Bush's amazing historical revisionism.