December 23, 2008

Light blogging for a while

On the road for a bit, but will be checking in. Hope you all have a Happy, er., or Merry.....


Anyway. Happy Holidays, everyone. And Peace. We need some Peace.


Tony said...

Merry Christmas Streak, and to all your readers. Thanks for letting me post out here and the great dialogue.

"Streak's blog if a fun blog!"

leighton said...

Outside my office, I haven't heard anyone in downtown Denver so much as acknowledge that this is a holiday season. I wonder whether this is an unintended side effect of the outrage-mongering of the War on the War on Christmas. But it may just be that between year-end financials and social engagements competing with urgent 4Q client obligations, the holidays aren't all that happy in the business district, particularly in this economy.

Merry Cephalopodmas to all and sundry.

Bootleg Blogger said...

Merry Christmas, Streak. The best to you, SOF and the furry kids. Hope the visits go well and your blood pressure stays down:-). Screen ya soon.

Happy Holidays to the Streak Junkies out there, too. It's a great place to hang out.

"Heaven on Earth, we need it now...." U2

JoeG said...

"And Festivus for the rest of us!"
I'd celebrate that, but the Airing of Grievances would take too long. :)
Have a great holiday Streak, and everyone else here as well!

steves said...

Merry Christmas and an early Happy New Years to everyone.

Have a safe trip, Streak.