February 6, 2009

Friday and stuff

Someone asked me what I had been up to this week, and I blanked. I have been busy, but when I think back, have a difficult time listing what I have done, or tried to do.

I guess that is how it goes. I realized I have also been rather bitchy with some of my conservative friends. Or rather, snippy and angry. I am not sure why, but think I am still trying to recover from the last 8 years of Bush and Republican rule. I am annoyed, to a point, that my conservative friends want to stop talking about Bush, as if his legacy ended on Inauguration day. So despite the fact that his assh*&e vice president is still out there scaring people and defending torture, that somehow I am supposed to act as if everything today is all the Democrats fault.


Ok, enough of that. I have to get off to class here in a bit, but thought I would mention a few things that are fun and good.

First, our friend Zalm has a photo-blog, and it is one of my daily reads. Check out today's entry here. I urge you to subscribe, because it is always good. (No pressure, Zalm).


If anyone out there is looking for new music, I can't recommend the new Andrew Bird enough. His last two albums are just spectacular. I am also enjoying the new Gaslight Anthem (thanks Ubub) and looking forward to the new Jason Isbell album coming out the 17th.


I am not doing a very good job of updating twitter. Perhaps I just don't get it, but since I have been on Facebook, the status update takes about all the creativity I can muster for that kind of phrase.


One of my favorite blogs is Mark Bittman's food blog. I read it every day, and have found several recipes that look great. The other day, I found this variation on Ma-Po Tofu and made it for dinner last night. It was spectacularly good (even though I read in the comments that it is not authentic). Easy to make, and just very tasty.


Hope you all have a good Friday and a good weekend.

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zalm said...

My RSS reader has been on the fritz lately and somehow I missed this. Thanks for the thumbs up. I'm glad you've been enjoying it. I started the site only as a way to get me outside once in a while, but it's been more rewarding than I expected. And now each day is a day closer to spring. It was 50° here today!