February 24, 2009

Hey, it wasn't just me

From Sullivan (re: Jindal's speech):
Close your eyes and think of Kenneth from 30 Rock
Or from Yglesias::
"Bobby Jindal apparently believes it’s appropriate to address the citizens of the United States in a tone that suggests we’re all nine years old."

But my favorite line--this about Obama's speech, also came from one of Sully's readers:
"Sitting here watching the speech I have been thinking that something is wrong. My first thought was that he is talking too fast. Then it dawned on me: he knows what he is talking about and expecting me to keep up. After eight years of being talked to like a child (or an idiot), my president is speaking to me like I am an intelligent adult. This is going to take some getting used to."

Indeed. Complete sentences, even. And, as Yglesias also pointed out, no concerns about human-animal hybrids.

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