June 19, 2009

Friday home improvement and political revulsion

The remodel is going well. Yesterday, our builder cut the access into the new rooms and hung the door. The Solatube guy installed two such devices--one in our new bathroom and one in our living room area.
From Progress

Today we install the big window, which will be really cool. Our builder will continue to finish the sheetrock taping and SOF and I will try to pick out some of the fixtures we need for electrical and plumbing.


On the political front, I continue to be completely frustrated with Republicans. No offense intended to those reading here, but I am increasingly convinced that most of Republican thought is predicated on myths. The myth of self-reliance and small government. And the myth of Republican wisdom on matters military and foreign policy. How else did we end up with torturers and Republican defenders of those torturers?

And as Larsion notes, Republican leadership is completely out of ideas, and has demonstrated that with their blustering on the Iranian issue:
"All of this comes back to the problem of Republican denial about why they lost power. They are supremely confident about their views on national security and foreign policy, and they cannot conceive that a majority of the country would reject them because of the policies they advocated and enacted. Worse still, they remain wedded to the hectoring, moralistic and aggressive approach of the last administration, in which sanctions and condemnation are the only “soft” tools they understand. They are so wedded to this approach that that they think this is not only the best kind of foreign policy, but that anything other than this is fecklessness and surrender."

On self-reliance and small government, the conservative desire to crush health care reform moves forward with the killing of the "public option." Republicans seem to be so wedded to their mythology of small government and their own autonomy, that they have no connection to those without health insurance or who have lost their homes and life savings to a catastrophic illness. I have spoken to those completely unwilling to push forward on reform if it means any cost to them--regardless of if that meant those 40 million might now be covered. After all, if no one is helping Republicans, then why should they help others? It isn't as if their faith asks them to do anything about it.

Oh wait.

Conservatives and Republicans have a strong history and legitimate philosophical backing. The leadership of this party are now miles from both and completely unaware how far they have drifted from any legitimate conservative thought. And with each day they demonstrate that they have devolved to a defender of corporate power, and an enabler of religious anti-intellectual and radical thought.

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