June 10, 2009

Wow, that Homeland Security Report was ridiculous, wasn't it?

Or maybe it wasn't. Today, a crazed right winger famous in the white supremacy world opened fire in the Holocaust museum. Sure glad that there isn't a real problem of right wing violence in this country--just less than a week or so (I have lost track) of George Tiller's murder in Kansas. Before that, we had multiple shootings by people waving around conservative propaganda. Yeah, I know, these individual people are responsible for their crimes, but the entire right wing establishment has contributed to this. Right wingers comparing abortion to the Holocaust, to say nothing of the wingnuts from Limbaugh to O'Reilly who daily stoke the flames of anti-other fear. God knows I hate to link to anything with Fox News, but here is Shep Smith showing himself yet again as the only sane person over there.


And apropos of, well, I guess, idiot conservatism, this from Palin land. She first brags about her state's ability to spread oil revenues to the individual residents, and then complains about Obama leading us toward socialism. Is she just really, really dumb? Or is this something else?

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ubub said...

I would comment but an on the edge of my seat wondering what the OT figures might have to say. In other words, Streak, "Where's your Moses NOW?"