July 13, 2010

It's Unanimous! GOP Says Screw the Unemployed

This is just so fucking ridiculous, I can't stand it. Top GOP leaders all agree with Kyl that they won't support unemployment extensions, but have no interest in off-setting tax cuts for the rich.

I think being a Republican these days must mean that you completely ignore reality on a daily basis. And you are told that if you don't like something, you simply ignore any evidence of that thing. Don't like evolution? Easy. Just ignore and deny. Not sure what to do about climate change? Simple. Just deny that it exists.

And when you are hell-bent to make sure that the wealthiest Americans continue to do better while the poor fall farther behind, you simply deny that tax cuts cost money. You just deny it. You continue to insist that cutting taxes magically increases revenue at all times. Never, never, never never fucking admit that cutting taxes on the rich is anything but good.

I am beginning to think these GOP people are sociopaths. What else do you say to people who cause this kind of carnage and then deny it and want to do more?

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