July 13, 2010

Your GOP crazy for the day

Otherwise known as the regular GOP. First, from prostitute aficionado David Vitter is his support for "birther" lawsuits. Yes, because this is just a fringe issue, not something that a sitting US Senator would endorse. Right. Because the GOP is perfectly reasonable and besides, the Democrats are just as bad.


How about This idiot, who says that Obama and "big gummint" make it harder for people to find the lord.

Let's not forget Sharon Angle from Nevada, saying that the response to the BP oil spill is to have less regulation. That's right. Less.

And how about Arizona Senator Jon Kyl? He thinks that we should extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy regardless of the impact on the deficit. Yeah, the deficit. The same one that is used to block unemployment relief for the hated unemployed. But tax breaks for the rich, according to Kyl, don't have to be offset or paid for. They are just and right.

The GOP is so completely out of its collective mind, I really question the sanity of those who continue to support this party. You will have to do some talking to convince me that you are voting for sane and reasonable people. Because you are not.


Bob said...

Don't you get the feeling that those who wear their religion on their sleeves and use it for political purposes are really going to burn in the deep reaches of hell one day?

Smitty said...

This party is, for lack of a better word, unhinged. A recent attempt to put opting-out of HCR on Michigan's ballot this Fall failed. Of the 380,000+ signatures needed, the group collected around 150,000. Most people support HCR. In fact, for most of us with insurance, it won't affect us at all.

But Obama's the one who's out of touch?

Streak said...

I have a friend who still votes Republican and does so, I think, because he seems to think that Democrats are wacky. So we have this situation where Republicans are demonstrably unhinged, but Democrats are actually doing things like passing healthcare, and it is the Democrats who are wacky?

steves said...

The top brackets still contribute a great deal in income taxes. I am not suggesting that they couldn't or shouldn't pay more, but calling what they pay some kind of break seems a bit of a stretch.

Streak said...

Steve, not sure I follow you. If you are talking raw numbers, of course those with more money pay more in taxes than the rest of us. But if you look at this from any historical perspective at all, the rich pay much less now than at any time since the glorious 1920s--or the other time when we bowed to the rich and told them they were more important than any one else.

hell, just look at the social mobility or lack of it. The poor and middle class are losing ground, and partially, no offense, because most of America says that we shouldn't raise taxes on the poor rich--the same people who have made out like bandits over the last 30 years.

When you look at all of the regressive taxation that the rest of us pay, coupled with the stagnation of wages over that same period, the amount of money consumed by basics and taxes for the working class has to be off the charts--as a percentage of their income. Meanwhile, as a percentage of their income the rich are paying less.

What they pay right now is an absolute break. Considering the costs that the rest of us bear in regulations, bailouts, failed oversight? You are barking up the wrong tree if you think I have any sympathy for the people who have gotten so fucking rich over the last 20 years that the charts look like a backward ski slope.

Sorry for the frustration, but I think we have completely lost any common sense about taxation or any sense of it over any period of time beyond a few years. That, coupled with the amazing bullshit about supply side economics that cutting taxes for the super rich always increases revenue--and I have just about had it.

steves said...

I see your point and probably should have read your post more carefully. Consider my post retracted.

I just saw a chart that shows how the top brackets have been raised faster than any of the other brackets and it is way out of proportion. The Bush tax cuts should be allowed to expire and it would be a good start.

Streak said...

Steve, I appreciate it, and like I said, I don't mean to be snippy with you about this. Just an issue of real frustration for me of late, especially living in a state like Oklahoma that thinks that tax cuts are the proper response to everything from massive hunger to unemployment, to bad education. As if tax cuts will pay for teachers.

Anyway. Not yelling at you.