August 5, 2011

Poll: Tea party support shrinks by half since 2010

I think it was Digby who made a pretty good point about this story that the Tea Party is shrinking. She said, and I agree, that the Tea Party's intransigence and power is over-played. That allows Republicans like Boehner to act as if they are more moderate, but all of them refuse to raise revenue, and all of them are aiming their guns at Medicare.

The Republican party has been taken over by psychos, and the Tea Partiers are just the most vocal of the idiots. But the reactionary politics are replete through the party.

But what is most interesting to me, is that even Republicans are mad at the party for their intransigence. But I suspect they will forget that in a year after they have heard ad nauseum about how Obama is an evil Kenyan.

Oh, and speak of that, they are already trying to blame Obama for the downgrade of our credit. That takes balls. Usually the kidnapper doesn't blame the cops for the fact that they are now considered criminals. Oh, and Michelle Bachmann is slamming Obama for celebrating his birthday party.

Wouldn't you hate to work for the Onion during this period in American history? How do you satirize such idiocy?

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Tony said...

Well, I'd like to think that the waning support for the tea party would be indicative of a growing intelligence level amongst the GOP but I don't think that is the case. As a whole, they just get stupider and stupider. Michelle Bachmann is case-in-point, not to mention Rick Perry.

The TP has played as an interesting foil to men like Boehner.