August 22, 2011

Republican women?

What is it about them? They all seem to follow the Palin model of refusing to ever have made an error. In this case, it is Christine O’Donnell, who lies about her supposed persecution, then attacks anyone who disagrees. I think it is that sense of persecution that gets me with all of them. It could describe the entire far right--they all seem to think they are victims of some global conspiracy against them--even as they wield an amazing amount of power. What would they do if they were truly powerless?

I don't know. I just know that they don't represent women, conservatism, or the Republican party very well.

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steves said...

At one point in time, I defended Palin, as I thought she wasn't treated fairly by most of the media. It ranged from biased editing to foam-at-the-mouth rants (Andrew Sullivan). Instead of learning how to deal with it and finding better ways to get her message out, she has branded herself some kind of martyr and has taken it to a ludicrous extreme.

I din't know if they really believe this or if it is just a way to relate to some voters as some kind of outsider.