August 29, 2011

Freedom Bible

No really. You can get your copy today (h/t to Greg). Though you can also get an American Patriot's Bible. My favorite comment in this one?
If you didn't think that God had a role in America you need this Bible. It will give you the answers on how God influenced our Country.

Christianity as consumer good. And I kind of get that. If you make Bibles, and run Bible stores, you need more versions. One isn't enough. And what better way to capitalize on tragedy like 9-11 or to profit from the people following Rick Perry than to put out a Holy Bible that is themed around your agenda. Brilliant.

I am telling you, we are closer and closer each day to a pain reliever ad featuring Jesus on the cross. Everything is for sale, and, in this case, Christians seem to be eager to sell it.


Bob said...

Let's just cut to the chase and create a Republican Bible, which will omit all the stuff about being kind to thy neighbor and a Democrat Bible, which will omit all the bigoted crap.

steves said...

Who buys this shit? Seriously, I have never seen anyone with one of these and I have seen plenty of Bibles. Hopefully, they realize just how stupid they are and only read them at home.

Monk-in-Training said...

I ventured into a local Evangelical book store last Saturday. I noticed a couple of people wearing anit-Government tee shirts, books with football celebrities on the cover, books with George W. Bush, and Laura Bush on the covers and even a few that seemed to be focused on Jesus.

Wall pictures that had Air Force jets, flags and Army guys mixed with 'warrior' type verses were mixed in with some of the Gentle Shepard from Nazareth. American flags abounded in various forms, but when I got to the Bible section, among the traditional leather bound versions were several with Cammo on them, flags and other sorts of nationalistic or militaristic covers.

The place was quite full of shoppers happily buying these Bibles, etc.

Made me think of the American Beatitudes, a selection follows

--Blessed are the merciless, for they need no mercy.

--Blessed are the war-makers, for they shall be called patriots and Children of the Almighty.

Streak said...

I think this is part of the new consumerism Christianity. As Monk notes, if you enter an evangelical book store, there are more than just Max Lucado books in there, there are numerous ways to demonstrate your christianity by buying. I remember seeing Bible themed energy bars at the checkout of our local store.

And the Bibles are really a product of the same process that has new versions of MS Word that don't do anything new. How else do you keep selling Bibles if people only need one?

Bob said...

"Gentle Shepard from Nazareth."

I wonder what would have happened if you asked the clerk for a book that empahasized the teachings and life of the Gentle Shepard from Nazareth. Would he have a clue what your were asking for?

leighton said...

Hey, now, updated versions of Office may not add anything for home users, but they have lots of back-end functionality that make them easier to share documents and track updates with large groups of people. Sharepoint integration in particular has saved my tail more times than I can count when project deadlines loom. Don't lump the hard-working programmers at Microsoft with the tkotchke peddlers who dabble in Bible printing.

Streak said...

Heh. Good point, Leighton. I am thinking of all the versions of Word that moved stuff around--or as in the outlining function, completely hosed them so they don't actually work well any more.