September 17, 2011

For our discussion on the Death Penalty: Perry says Court was right to stay the execution Perry himself was more than ready to allow.

Perry Says Supreme Court ‘Taking The Appropriate Path’ In Stopping Execution, Even Though He Was Set To Allow It | ThinkProgress.

I would say, what an idiot, but this kind of callousness about human life is more than stupidity. It is something about basic cruelty.

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Smitty said...

To a degree, I also blame the political rhetoric of "flip-flopping." With Bush II, we saw this refusal to change course, admit mistake, or change strategy in the face of new and better information. That is seeded in a couple of things, one of which is a political refusal to look weak. And weakness, in part, is defined by political platforms and the media as flip-flopping. Better to have "always believed one way" or "always act in one way" than to grow up and change one's mind. That weak-kneed changing of one's mind in the face of better information is just flip-flopping better left for hippie liberals. Make a decision, dad-gummit, and stick to it right or wrong. That's the American way!