September 16, 2011

Michele Bachmann is not just a liar, she is an irresponsible bitch!

Maybe I am the only one hung up this. Maybe I am the only one who somehow is trying to make sense of people who claim the Bible as their guide and then do unspeakable things. And not just in their weakness, but on purpose and without apology.

For me, this latest by Michele Bachmann is the most irresponsible callous and cynical thing she could possibly do. To make political points, she spread lies about Gardosil and then refuses to even consider what she did. There is something unbelievable about someone this hateful to put forward a completely anecdotal story about some woman with a retardation side effect, and then say, "the American people can make up their own mind." No, you fucktard, you are asking the American people to elect you to the highest office, and you don't just get to throw around such accusations. You don't get to cause parents to not vaccinate their kids and possibly open them to serious illness down the road, SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU ARE A CONNIVING BITCH.

But it is all good. God told her to run, and he doesn't do bad stuff. Obviously everyone here can see this shit for what it is. Too bad the entire Republican party has decided to abdicate such responsibility and take the risk that a soul-less moron like this could one day be President. Fuck that.


steves said...

I hate to admit this, but I agree with Rush Limbaugh...she jumped the shark. I know that candidates will often go to crazy means to distance themselves from other primary candidates, but she really acted stupid. A smart candidate would have hammered Perry on his connection to Big Pharm via fat donations. That would have been enough.

Nope, she had to go the vaccine paranoia route. I always found this to be a weird conspiracy. Proponents seemed to run the gambit from the ultra religious to leftover hippies.

From the article:

Michele Bachmann, by the way, did used to campaign around Minnesota as "Dr. Michele Bachmann." Bachmann called herself "Dr." because she has a J.D. from Oral Roberts University. (While some lawyers argue the point, "Dr." is generally reserved for medical doctors and people with Ph.D.s.) But she hasn't called herself "Dr." recently, so make sure not to take any medical advice from her.

What lawyers argue this point? I have a J.D. and have never referred to myself as Dr. I don't know a single lawyer that has ever done this. What a tool.

Smitty said...

I hate to admit this, but I agree with Rush Limbaugh

I feel a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.

she jumped the shark.

Agreed, too. **gulp** I think that regardless of her rantings and spewings, a decreasing number of voters take her seriously. I think the only people who still take her and her candidacy seriously are her family and a handful of lunatics.

It's sort of like, with the fraud-scientist, people like her finally found a scientist they agree with because his false findings struck a chord on a visceral level with them; it jived with their pre-existing deeply-held government conspiracy theories for him to be right.

Turns out? Science was right. Real science. And some of these folks, like Bachmann, either didn't get the widely-publicized memo, or still can't turn away from their belief that something's up with vaccinations because THE MAN wants to keep us down or kill our babies. Scientists are baaaaad.

With Michele, I think it's the latter, not the former.

Streak said...

Ok, you guys are starting to scare me. Fucking Rush Limbaugh? :)

But I will note, however, that there is a huge anti-vaccine movement or undercurrent in this country, and I suspect that Bachmann thinks she can tap into that.

steves said...

I am sure Dr. B thinks she can tap into that fear, but I am not sure if that is a good idea. I recall a stat on the anti-vacc crowd and I think it was around 12 or 13 percent, at best. I think those folk are a fairly diverse group, politically, so I would guess that many of them are ones that wouldn't for for Bachmann despite their shared fear of vaccines.