November 15, 2012

Paul Ryan: I Didn't Lose Because Of The Issues, I Lost Because Of The 'Urban' Vote

Paul Ryan: I Didn't Lose Because Of The Issues, I Lost Because Of The 'Urban' Vote | ThinkProgress



Smitty said...

The lower right of your post, until I just ruined it by typing this, said "no comments."

I agree. Submitted without comment would be an apt title for the post.

steves said...

What else is he going to say?


I think he probably knows that, for whatever reason, they didn't do enough to get independents or energize core GOP voters.

Bob said...

What else could he say? He could probably NOT say he lost just because of black people.

He could admit he lost because they lost the:

womens vote,
latino vote,
young vote,
suburban vote,
Catholic vote,
Muslim vote,
Nonreligious vote,
and the black vote.

By just blaming it on the urbanites, Ryan is essentially saying those people just voted for Obama because of the color of his skin, instead of taking personal responsibility for the loss or giving any credit to the President.

If he were to own up to the loss, he would take responsibility for the Republican party chasing everyone ('cept white dudes) out of the party and for Romney/Ryan having run a sucky campaign.

As Sen. Lindsey Graham (S.C.) said a few weeks back: “We’re not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term.”

You know, its not legit until you win the white guy vote. Every other vote whould only be worth 3/5ths of a vote anyway. /snark

Streak said...

Yeah, Steve, not sure you really want to defend this. This is a racist response by Ryan--it wasn't my ideas, it was his skin color. That isn't right, and it isn't close to being honest.

And by the way, Romney won the independent vote. That was his calculation that all he had to do was win that. He didn't take into account the increased turnout from those groups that Bob listed. And let's not forget that Romney and Ryan dropped a little with evangelicals in states like Ohio, and lost some of the white vote because of the labor issue.

Romney's response was just as bad--Obama bought them off. What a crock. And what shitty candidates. Too bad one of them is still considered a leading figure in the GOP. Too bad, if having a viable and responsible Republican party is our goal--as it is for me.

Bob said...

The thing I have learned this year about the so-called independent vote is that it is very fluid. A big chunk of the independnt vote this year was made up of people who previously self identified as Republicans. A whole lot of Independent's were destined to vote for Romney, but no longer wanted to be identified as an R. If Romney was basing his likelihood of winning based on the Independent vote, he was a mega moron.

This is part of what happended after the first debate. The undecided voters would have likely voted for Romney eventually! but the first debate moved them there quicker.

steves said...

Bob, I think you are correct. The reality is that Romney/Ryan just couldn't appeal to enough of the Independent voters, whether they were self-identified Republicans or moderates or whatever. I am not defending Ryan, but he is a politician. He isn't going to say we lost because not enough non-whites voted for us any more than Obama is going to say that he won because he got more non-white votes.

Unless the GOP can start appealing to non-white voters, they will disappear, hopefully to be replaced by another party that isn't so stupid.

Streak said...

Yeah, except they won the independent vote, as I noted. And said.

And that was a racist thing for Ryan to say. Politician or no. Frankly it is rather bullshit to say otherwise.