May 14, 2007

AG without Honor

Scott Horton unloads on this administration:

And now, in America of 2007, in the age of Bush, the notion that a tarnished official tenders his resignation as a simple act of decency seems in the minds of the new ruling class as “quaint” and “obsolete” as the Geneva Conventions.

Alberto Gonzales, the New York Times tells us is telling friends and acquaintances that he has “weathered the storm,” and indeed, the Republican echo chamber is now sounding this message very broadly – even as more evidence of his misconduct is uncovered almost every hour. The calculus of the Bush administration is transparent: as long as the focus is on Gonzales, Karl Rove – the real mastermind of Purgegate – is safe. So let Gonzales dig in and fight it out. In other words, the safety of Karl Rove is more important than the integrity of the Department of Justice. Indeed, more important than justice itself.

Truly unbelievable. Bush willing to sacrifice the Justice Department rather than puruse competence. Of course, a competent AG might prosecute Rove, and that can't happen. Horton points to those out there talking about the investigation who think we should consider impeaching Gonzales.

I don't even know what to think any more. Those who still like Bush should understand that I want to believe they are at least close to basic competence. I don't want to believe they are all idiots. But this kind of stuff certainly suggests that they have no interest in pursuing what is best for the country.


P M Prescott said...

Read Hightower's book "Thieves in High Places"
These people aren't incompetent, they are very competent at stealing everything they can get their hands on. Iglesias said on Bill Maher's show the reason he was fired was that he would not bring bogus charges of voter fraud before the last election. How did Bush get elected in 2000? He stole the election in Florida. How did he get elected in 2004? He stole the election in Ohio. How will a Republican get elected to any office in 2008 -- with a stacked federal prosecutors office bring charges agains all Democrats running for office. How do Dictators usually get eleceted? They arrest their opposition.

steve s said...

For a well written and thoughtful analysis of the US Attorney Scadal, check out Marty Lederman's entry at Balkinization. The comments have some good insights, too.