May 30, 2007

Holy Cow

Watching Tucker Carlson tonight, I hear Pat Buchanan absolutely dismissing the recent neo-con call to bomb Iran.

What is the world coming to when I agree with Pat Buchanan?


Anonymous said...

Streak, While I understand your concern, if not the shiver that will run up your spine when you agree with Buchanan, is this really surprising. I am not up on politics as much as you are, but hasn't Buchanan always maintained an anti-expansionistic, if not isolationistic foreign policy? It reminds me of Republican Ron Paul, who was on Bill Maher last week. He was lambasted at the Republican debates for making a similar argument, e.g. American isolationism and apply it to Iraq.
--- CIL

steve s said...

Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul have always taken a mostly hands-off approach to foreign policy. Paul goes along with the Libertarian platform on this, which is one area where I disagree with them. While Iraq is bad foreign policy, I don't take the position that we should never get involved in peacekeeping missions (such as in Yugoslavia).

Streak said...

good points. You understand how disconcerting it is, however, to be agreeing with Buchanan on anything.