May 9, 2009

Democrats in Congress and torture

I have been hammered by two people of late saying that since Pelosi was briefed on torture, that somehow it changes the scenario. I am unsure why that is the case. Say Pelosi and others were briefed? Does that change the fundamental error and immorality of the Bush people's decision to torture? No. It simply adds more to the list of people that should be held accountable in some manner.

I am with Sullivan on this. We need some kind of independent investigation. Let's air it out, and find out who authorized the torture of others. If that net includes Nancy Pelosi, then so be it.


steves said...

I agree with Sullivan, too, but setting up a truly independent body to conduct this inquiry will be very difficult. Nonetheless, it is time that it be done. I nominate the regulars from this blog.

Streak said...


No doubt this will not be easy. The Bush people will be lobbying to get someone like David Addington added. Sigh.

Monk-in-Training said...

I have had the same response, SEE THE DEMOCRATS DID KNOW, sort of response.

They are quite mystified by my, "so what, go after them as well" reply, as you mentioned in your post.

I think it is time for an independent commission. I don't typically like these things, but the rot is in both parties.

Bootleg Blogger said...

Streak- Good response. For those who are not partisan above all else the inclusion of democratic leadership is irrelevant. My hope would be that this would not only be torture but the run up to the war, wire tapping, and other abuse of power by the Bush administration and any other participants regardless of party. The dems got voted in in 2006 and proceeded to lose what little backbone they had possessed.
Anyway- broken record here

steves said...

M-i-t is right, there is rot in both parties, but who is going to step forward to push for a "cleansing?" I doubt it will come from the leadership of either party.

P M Prescott said...

At my Captain's log blog I've got a post on bystander syndrome that seems to explain why the dems are so afraid to prosecute torture.