May 22, 2009

Now, if only Cheney would try this out

I remember when Dick Cheney referred to waterboarding as a "no brainer," and still run into conservatives who defend waterboarding and other torture. Cheney's impact is felt all around the country, especially when you hear someone like Elizabeth Hasselback tell Jesse Ventura that "torture is wrong, but enhanced interrogation techniques are different." Elsewhere on Jesse's tour (and I really hate quoting Ventura as some kind of voice of reason), those dweebs at Fox and Friends defended torture because of the evil men we fight.


Then yesterday, we see Dick Cheney defending torture in his non-stop tour to, well, I have no clue. Is he trying to actually get us to do more waterboarding? Waterboarding that even his boss stopped authorizing toward the end of his term? Is he trying to control the debate on their legacy? Is he trying to avoid war crimes charges?

Either way, I see Dick Cheney and feel a chill as if we are seeing something spectacularly soul-less right before our eyes. I don't know that he is evil, but he has certainly encouraged and defended evil.

Today, I read that ridiculous right-wing radio jock "Mancow" decided to allow himself to be waterboarded to prove that it was no big deal. He didn't last more than a few seconds and said that it was absolutely torture. This, by the way, with no additional stress, no sleep deprivation or hypothermia, and with an EMT standing by to make sure he was ok. And, of course, with people he knew didn't want to kill him.

Next up on the table, Mr. Cheney? I have to say, that as much as I despise the former VP, I would never wish that on any human being. I certainly would not waterboard him. I just wish he would stop saying it was fine to do.

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