May 16, 2009

Saturday and Music

I started to blog this morning. I know it has been a while. And I was in a sour mood this morning. Stressful week, and just wiped out, I guess. Or maybe anticipating my birthday tomorrow. So I started to blog about the things that have really annoyed me this week--mostly having to do with the fact that Republicans have decided that Nancy Pelosi knowing about torture is worse than Dick Cheney authorizing torture. That still seems like a pretty stupid thing to suggest.

But I decided to post on music instead. Why focus on torturing Republicans and weak Democrats when I can focus on something that gives me hope?

So here is a long overdue post on the music I have been listening to or obtained of late. And btw, if you are wondering how I afford to buy so much music, I don't. I subscribe to Emusic and for the cost of one album per month, I download 50 individual songs. Much of my new music comes from that service. And then I occasionally purchase individual albums. (If you are interested, you can either go browse, or send me an email and I will send you an invite. If you decide to stay with Emusic and subscribe, I get free downloads. But I have plenty, so do what you want.)

Ok, so here are the albums I have been listening to from Emusic.

1) Jeffrey Foucault's cover album of John Prine songs, Shoot the Moon Right Between the Eyes. Long a Prine fan, I must say I love this album. Foucault's voice is smoky and perfectly fit for folk music. I am least happy with his cover of "Speed of the Sound of Lonliness" (which Nancy Griffith covered very well, btw), but have just found myself listening to this album over and over.

2) Greg Laswell, Three Flights From Alto Nido. The guy at my local liquor store mentioned Laswell, and I have enjoyed this album very much.

3) Gomez, A New Tide. I have really loved some of this bands old stuff, though would not put it in any classic territory. This album is in that vein, but very enjoyable.

4) Great Lake Swimmers, Lost Channels. This group is really growing on me. Very smooth and folky, with nice harmonies. Another very enjoyable little gem.

5) Samantha Crain, Songs in the Night. Oklahoma and Native singer Samantha Crain is pretty impressive. I downloaded her EP and liked it, but this album is better.

6) Raul Malo, Lucky One. Not my usual fare, but I just love this Maverick's lead singer's voice. Think Roy Orbison, and not all of the songs are great, but the voice is always impressive.

7) And I should have put this higher, but Mark Erelli's Delivered is one of my favorites. We saw him locally several years ago, and just loved his show. This album is very solid with a couple of great driving tunes--a bit more rock and roll than I expected from a folkie, but that is not a complaint. Mark is great and you should catch him when you can.

Now for the few albums I have purchased of late.

1) Slaid Cleaves, Everything you love will be taken from you. Dark album, don't get me wrong, but Slaid is one of those genuinely great folk artists or singer/songwriters that more people should hear. This album is very good, and the lead song "Cry" is amazing. We saw him last fall here in Norman. I purchased this album directly from his website because I like to support artists like him. Slaid is the gold standard, really, and his voice is so good live it will make you cry.

2) I have not listened to this album all the way through yet, but have been anticipating Steve Earle's album of Townes Van Zant covers for sometime. And if you notice, the price from Amazon's mp3 download is pretty hard to beat. As of this writing, it is $3 for the entire album. Hard to beat that price. I love Townes writing, but really prefer his music covered by other people. Steve Earle was very close to the man, and the songs I have heard show that kind of connection.

Ok. Enough for now. Lot of good music out there. I just now clicked the download button for the new Scott Miller album. Will let you know. Wilco has a new album out the end of June.

Peace, and listen to more music.

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