August 5, 2009

Deep thought for the day

Why is it that we have not had a Republican ex-President out negotiating for hostages or trying to bring peace to a region?


Monk-in-Training said...

um, perhaps no one wants them in their jurisdiction, or if they were they could get arrested?

Just thinkin.

Tyrone said...

How much did we pay North Korea to release those women?

Streak said...

Well, we know at least one person watches Fox News and has that typical conservative compassion for someone captured by a foreign government.


steves said...

I am not suggesting that the Ex's don't do anything, but sometimes I wonder how much help they are when they get involved in foreign relations. If I were Obama, I would prefer my staff do the work without that kind of meddling.

LB said...

Which Republican would have gone?

Reagan was really old and sick when he left office.

George HW Bush decided to retire from public life almost altogether. Aside from the Katrina ads with Clinton, he's intentionally chosen to remain out of the public eye.

Nixon, when he was still alive, actually was involved in some foreign affairs, though I can't recall any of the details.

Meanwhile, Carter has called for Hezbollah to be removed from the terrorism list.

Of all the ex-presidents, I think George HW Bush has done the best job in his role as ex-president. He had his shot as leader of the free world. It went the way it did and he came to terms with that and chose to retire from the limelight. I think that's what an ex-president should do.

Tyrone said...

Would N. Korea release anyone simply because Bill Clinton asked them to? That would be out of character for them.

I'm glad the women are free, but I suspect N. Korea is getting, or has already gotten, something in return other than a Clinton smile and handshake. My guess is they received, or will receive money from the U.S. government. But if it isn't money, it is something else.