August 16, 2009

Holy Cow--God packing heat?

Kevin Powell: I guess the second commandment was just a suggestion. Among other things.


Especially in this current climate. All due respect to the responsible gun owners out there, and I know there are many, the current atmosphere of anger among the right, this scares the crap out of me. As I referenced in a conversation with someone else, the right wing populism has a discernibly more violent tinge to it, and we are seeing that. After 8 years of people hating Bush, I don't remember that hatred turning violent. Angry, yes, and even calling him the usual tyrant names. But I never thought the war protesters were going to go violent.

I have no such belief about the town hall crazies. And when the right wing combines a love of guns with a militant reading of Christianity, I get a little scared.


Attila said...

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

leighton said...

I thought at first that was by the same company that puts out the Jesus, Moses and Pope Innocent III action figures, but I guess not. It's got to be a spoof, though--no self-respecting Christianist gun nut would portray God packing a Soviet-made rifle. An M-16 I could believe.

Streak said...

:) God as Communist killer? Impossible.