August 9, 2009

The indecency of Palin and Bachman

And if you are quoting from Bachman, that is enough to show that you are in the wackaloon territory, rather than the area of legitimate conversation about this important issue. I would say "shame" to Sarah Palin, but it is increasingly obvious that she has none. More here.


Tyrone said...

If we are going to ration health care, in order to keep costs down, I recommend we ration as follows:

Conservatives get what they need first, then moderates, and then, if there is any money left, the liberals can get the health care they need. That seems a fair way to do it.

Streak said...

That is an incredibly stupid thing to say, Tyrone, which convinces me that you have, much like Palin, no actual interest in either good government or a reasoned conversation.

steves said...

Bachmann is nuts, but I don't really know enough about Dr. Emanuel. I am not a fan of his brother, but it wouldn't be fair to evaluate the doctor based on him.