August 9, 2009

More on stupidity

The kind of stupidity that at least one of our commenters seems to buy. Hunter, from the DailyKos is right about this one. When Republicans can claim that Democratic healthcare will mean killing a disabled child, then there is nothing factual about their opposition. And nothing responsible, either.
Seriously? I mean, come the flying monkey hell on. How is it that this hollow-headed dimwit doesn't get run out of town for statements like that? Obama's going to come murder her son?

The whole Republican party can absolutely make stuff up, no question about it, 100% lies, no factual basis whatsoever, outrageous, known false stuff about euthanasia and "death panels" and denying care to people that are no longer "productive", stuff that's right out of the most venomous propaganda playbooks around, weird-assed, depraved, paranoid stuff that would be perfectly at home in a Henry Ford tract about the secret methods of the evil Jews or the like -- and not a goddamned news outlet on the planet is making a story out of the fact that these supposed leaders of their party are gleefully lying through their teeth about all of it, or that the "teabaggers" carrying these selfsame lies into public meetings aren't just angry Americans with a different point of view, but people spreading known, 100%-goddamn-freaking-false-and-false-from-the-very-first-time-it-was-uttered bullshit, and intentionally doing it so loud that they hope nobody can possibly shout them down.

There's no "he-said, she-said" on a statement like "Obama's coming to murder my handicapped child."
Palin is not a genuine person, and has no genuine interest in good governance or good public policy. And neither, as fara as I can tell, do anyone from the Republican leadership. All they seem intent on doing is getting idiots to post stupid things on liberal blogs and go shout at their congressional representatives.

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