December 14, 2010

Federal judge in Va. strikes down part of health-care law

I am sure you all saw this.

Couple points. A) I love how Republicans are cheering that ruling as if it is the only one on the ACA and the mandate. Two other judges have ruled it constitutional.

B) I really hate how conservatives claim to own the Constitution. That is how Virginia AG Cuccinelli framed it in his victory speech, "This is a victory for the constitution," or words to that effect. Like Palin's assumption that she represents real America, or every Republican's belief that they are more patriotic than Democrats, I find it annoying that they think that they alone value the Constitution.

C) The judge and Cuccinelli can't be more wrong here. When they say that people who don't buy insurance are "not engaging in commerce," they are wrong. They would be right if that decision had no impact on the rest of us. If someone decides to not buy car insurance, because they have no car, that is inaction. That is not buying something, and that has no impact on me. But if my neighbor refuses to buy insurance, then ends up in the ER with a collapsed lung, someone will have to pay for that.

I am seriously not sure how conservatives miss that.

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