December 29, 2010

What do Republicans value? Who do they represent? And have they lost their minds?

An ongoing question that still needs an answer. From what I can tell of the modern GOP, they represent the rich and the powerful, period. They talk about fiscal responsibility, but have no problem exploding the deficit for tax cuts for the rich. They do have a problem paying for things that, you know, normal people might actually need. Healthcare. Food safety. Environmental protection.

In the latest of the "where the fuck is the conservative mind," I bring you this little story of a Republican who just last year said that global warming was a danger for the US, but now is more interested in holding hearings on climate scientists and their emails and has no interest in actually doing anything about climate change. My favorite part was that the Tea Party idiots didn't want him on the committee because he had expressed support for efficient light bulbs.

Seriously. How fucked up is your party when supporting more efficient light bulbs is a problem?

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