December 2, 2010

Thursday rant--Republicans, climate change, DADT, and protect the rich

A rant I sent out to a few friends.


Saw this morning that the incoming Republican majority will cancel the panel on climate change. After all, why study something that isn't happening? And why isn't it happening? Because the Bible doesn't talk about climate change, but does say that God won't destroy the world through floods. Again.

But then again, who needs polar bears, right? Not when we can focus on the business at hand--protecting the unbelievably low tax rates of millionaires. Because the Republicans are for the average man. Unless he is in the lower middle class and has either seen his wages stagnate, savings disappear, and debt soar. Or if he has lost his job in this recession (that wasn't really that bad, and we shouldn't have done anything about it anyway). So he is trying to get a job in a crappy economy and trying to avoid bankruptcy or losing his house? No, more important to protect the low taxes of Rupert and his minions. Because taxes are evil. Duh.

In other news, of course, Republicans are standing on principle to sue the Government over the ACA. Because, as they know very well, people should have to earn access to healthcare. If they are too poor or too sick to get healthcare, fuck them. Oh, and we will keep the gays from serving openly. Not because conservatives hate gays. Or maybe.

In kentucky, using state tax support, they are planning to build an amusement park for Creationists. And here in Oklahoma, 70 percent voted against those evil Mooslims, and any of those "foreigners." Not that the Republican party has issues with bigotry. Oh no. And while our Governor-elect trotted out the dog whistle against her opponent that she might be gay. Didn't say that, of course, but hinted at it by calling attention to the fact that she has never married. And our family values Republican is on her second family--which I have no problem with, btw, but just wish that family values meant something other than a weapon to beat the shit out of Democrats. Republicans can cheat, divorce, adulterize, whatever. Hell, they can hire prostitutes and serve in the Senate.

Republicans can cheat on their wives, as long as it is not with another man.

It is enough to make me weep openly. But I think I will go look at pictures of polar bears while they still exist.


leighton said...

And if we're lucky, in 150 years, historians will have to remind their classes that they can't judge Republicans by the standards of the mid-22nd century, that our culture was different and many inspirational figures held views that the class finds appalling, etc. (I'm not being snarky about how historians talk about the past, though I'm pretty sure this is.)

Girl Grace said...

Streak, It is disheartening that the Republican Party is the only major political party in the developed world to deny climate change. However, there are beginning to be climate scientists who are beginning to step up to challenge the deniers. It is a good thing.

Please see this recent article from the Minneapolis Star Tribune re: "Experts Join Climate Debate"

Sorry for the messy url; the name of the article should get you there, searching on Google.

Girl Grace